Customer Care
Banka Ekonomike is committed to providing quality, fast and courtesy services at all times to all our clients and for this purpose it has established Customer Care Unit to ensure efficient handling of your suggestions.
Fast handling of suggestions and improvement of processes is essential to maintain a competitive business and have satisfied customers.
Guidelines for submission of complaints This guideline is intended to inform you about the possibility of submitting your complaints addressed to the bank, related to any technical failure or human error during the use of financial products and services. Submitted complain will undergo the complaints handling process only if submitted by the client himself as an account holder and if based on facts. In order for your complaint to be processed, you are advised to be as specific as possible and the complaint be based on facts.
Channels for submitting complaints The Bank has established complaint-handling unit where you will be able to address your complaints. Addressing complaints can be done in three official languages in the Republic of Kosovo via the following channels: Kosovo Post with the address “Nënë Terezë Square nn” , Electronic mail at the address: Call Centre with number:  +383 38 500 500 and +383 49 73 33 22 Branches/Sub-branch of Banka Ekonomike using suggestion boxes through social networks
Time lines for handling complains Guidelines on submission of your complaint  Channels for submission of complaints  Timelines for handling complains. The bank advises you to submit your complaint as soon as possible once you consider you have arguments for complaint, the bank suggests you to submit your complain in the shortest timeline. After receipt of your complaint the bank shall notify you about the receipt of complaint and it will respond to you within 15 calendar days from the date of confirmation of receipt of complaint. You will receive the response from the bank through the same communication channel as the complaint was submitted, but if you prefer to receive the response by any other channels, than the bank will respond to you in that way
Complaint reference number After the receipt of complaint, the bank shall confirm complaint receipt and notify you regarding unique number of your complaint which serves as  complaint reference number. In case you need additional information  regarding  the submitted complaint than this number shall serve as reference.