Lirim Shulina
Lirim Shulina Chairman

Mr. Shulina is Finance Director of the Exclusive Group (Maxi Hypermarket, NEXT, Pharma EXCLUSIVE, EXCLUSIVE, McCroft TOBACCO), which is responsible for organizing and overseeing all financial and accounting functions in the Company; Reporting to the Board of Directors and the shareholders of the Company; and also responsible for the organization and creation of accounting policies, preparation of strategic plans, budgets and corporate financial planning, preparation of the financial statements, income statement, balance sheet, reports of corporate shareholders, tax reports.

Mr. Shulina has enviable financial sector experience with the following companies: HOTEL Iliria as CFO, PHOENIX Pharma LLC as financial advisor, EUROPE LEK PHARMA and PHOENIX Pharma LLC, where he prepared the merger plan and merger agreement. Preparation of financial statements and entry into a surviving company at PHOENIX Pharma "L.L.C., then Mccroft Tobacco Kosovo L.L.C Preparation of investment plans in the production process Investment management under the privatization contract with the KPA Reporting to the Surveillance Authority of the Agency for Privatization. 

Marenglen Berisha
Marenglen Berisha Member

Mr. Berisha is Professor of Accounting and Finance at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) and head of the business department of this university. His engagement as a professor at AUBG began in 2013. He completed his undergraduate degree in 2006 at the American University in Bulgaria and graduated with a Master of Science degree from the Keller Graduate School of Management in New York, in the field of business administration. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis at the Swiss Management Center.

He gained his professional experience in the financial and banking sector of Kosovo for over four years with the ProCredit Bank of Kosovo. He initially worked as a coordinator at the Bank's Financial Reporting Unit and then spent two more years managing the Risk Management department. The responsibilities  as head of the risk department included market risk management, operational risk, compliance risk and money laundering prevention. As part of this bank, he also participated in many trainings organized by the Kosovo Banking Association and the Procredit Group Training Academy in Germany and Macedonia.
He gained his academic experience in the period 2010-2013 as Accounting Instructor at the American University of Kosovo (AUK) and in the University of British - Staffordshire program in cooperation with the Riinvest College of Kosovo
Njomza Hoxha
Njomza Hoxha Member

Ms. Hoxha was appointed to the Board of Economic Bank (Banka Ekonomike) in May 2018. Her successful career began in the exam department at Deloitte in Pristina, where she reached a senior position. As part of this engagement, she has audited financial institutions, including banks, financial institutions and microfinance institutions, insurance companies, central and local government institutions, non-governmental organizations, large private companies, etc. Then she continues her career advising as Senior Project Manager and Senior Analyst by implementing projects that affect the economic development of the country.

Since 2015, she has been involved as a specialist and financial advisor in various projects funded by various donors, such as the World Bank and USAID, and run by public institutions at a central level. Ms. Hoxha is also a real estate appraiser with a degree of 1A, this profession she practices at "ProCredit Bank" Sh.a.where she works closely with the court, and legal entities.

 Ms. Hoxha holds a Masters degree in Banking, Finance and Accounting from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Prishtina. 

Fisnik Salihu
Fisnik Salihu Member
Mr. Salihu is a lawyer specialized in Commercial and Corporate Law, International Trade Law, Banking and Financial Law, Investment Law, Tax and Real Estate. Fisnik is a licensed arbitrator with American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo and European Handball Federation Court of Arbitration in Vienna, Austria. Fisnik is experienced lawyer with several years of experience in the banking sector and complex commercial transactions. Fisnik has developed great career on practicing law, especially in banking sector as Legal Advisor, providing Legal Advices on all legal issues, commercial transactions, including complex regulatory and compliance issues. Fisnik finished his basic legal studies at University of Prishtina in Kosovo. Later, he finished his Master of Laws (LLM) in International Economic and Business Law at University of Groningen in Netherlands.